Rock Art Sites & Tours

Famous for its rock art, Quinkan Country contains a large and dramatic body of prehistoric rock paintings. These galleries have been identified as being at least 15,000 to 30,000years old and have been included on the Australian Heritage Estate and listed by UNESCO as being among the top 10 rock art sites in the world . People from many countries visit this remote location to view the rock art and gain some understanding of the Aboriginal stories associated with this magnificent sandstone landscape.


Available Tours

Guided Tours to a select number of the world renowned rock art sites can only be made through the Quinkan & Regional Cultural Centre.Early Bird Bookings: Book your Rock Art tour to any or all of the sites below before 31st May 2013 and receive a 10% discount per person. Private Group bookings of 4 or more people attract another 5%pp.  Email Ph 07 40603457 for enquiries.

Tour Operators contact Quinkan Centre direct.

Listed below are the tours, the approximate duration and accessibility of each tour. For further information please contact us.

  • Split Rock – 1 hr Easy - moderate walk 15 mins each way or a 3hr duration including a moderate 2hr walk.
  • Split Rock/Yalangi Galleries - 2.5 -3 hr walk Guided 
  • Mushroom Rock – Approx 2 hr tour duration. Easy access for all.
  • Giant Horse & Mushroom Rock – approx 3 hr duration. Moderate walk 10 mins each direction.
  • The Quinkan Galleries – Approx 2-3 hr duration. Reasonably easy access for all

Tours are usually available from late March till early December and can be adjusted as required to visit one, all or some of these spectacular sites. Should you plan a vist April to early May please check with with the Quinkan Centre for available access after wet season. All tours are with local experienced Indigenous Guides utilising the Centre's 4WD vehicle. Tours may be booked in advance or allow 1 hour to organise on request.

Please ensure you have adequate water, hat, sunscreen and sturdy footwear.