Items for Sale

Books and DVD's for sale

DVD's for Sale

Laura Legend & Lore - 2005 Laura Dance Festival $12.00
Welcome to My Country - Centre's Feature DVD Production $45.00
Bush Food $15.00
How Much Bull Can You Take
(Pt 1 / Pt 2 / Pt 3 / Pt4, Individual DVD's)(Pt 5 - $43.00)
How Much Bull Can You Take
(5 Disc DVD Box Set)

A Selection of our Books for Sale

The Peopling of Australia
(A Children's Book by Percy Trezise)
Lamalama Country, Our Country, Our Culture-Way
(This book provides Lamalama prospective on their land and culture - P Bassani & A Lakefield with T Po)
Cape York Peninsula - A Natural History
(Captures the flora & fauna in a hard cover with magnificent photos - Frith & Frith)

And many more...

The Quinkan Centre now offers a unique range of artwork from several of the emerging artists of Cape York Peninsula. Request a digital image to be sent of a sample of the work available.